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Abstract of published research articles in Ayurveda
AYU Vol. 30 Issue No. 4 (Oct-Dec 2009)

Exploring Quantum Logic in Ayurveda with special reference to Srotovijnana of Ayurveda

* Ram Harsh Singh         

Faculty of Ayurveda,  Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Abstract:  Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, health and cure originating from India adopts its own holistic biology based on the theory of Triguna, Tanmatra, Tridosha, Saptadhatus, Ojas, Agni, Ama and Srotas. It is distinctly different than the conventional modern biology which is largely based on reductionistic approach of classical Newtonian Physics, in contrast to Ayurvedic Biology - seems to be based on an integrative vision resembling Quantum logic of modern science. The present conceptual study aims to explore related issues with special reference to Srotovijnan of Ayurveda depicting a quantized inner transport system responsible to transport of the entire range of biological fluids, nutrients, energies, impulses, emotions, thoughts and all bio-factors, tangible or intangible. There is a need to study the fundamental and applied aspects of Ayurvedic Biology in depth with genuine interface of Ayurveda with science of today.
Key words: Ayurveda, Quantum Logic,  Ayurvedic Biology,  Srotas, Quantized inner transport system, Samshodhana
* Professor Emeritus, Dept.  of  Kayachikitsa, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

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